Kelly opens the show by talking about the active decision we all have to take control of who we’re going to be in 2021, regardless of the outside world. She explains the importance of perspective, and tells a story about a time the UE team faced a challenge and turned it into an opportunity. Kelly then discusses the mantra of viewing failure as feedback. UE marketing team lead Sherane pops in to talk about some new opportunities within UE, then Kelly closes out the show by discussing what it means to have an abundance mindset, clear the toxins in your life, and embrace your authentic self in your brand.

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Episode Notes

“How do we take control of our own mind, body, environment and energy?” – Kelly 

“How is this experience that I will go through this year really better positioning me to go further faster into the future?” – Kelly 

 “In all things, perspective is everything” – Kelly 

“We took a situation that could be devastating and we turned it into a springboard that’s now moving us forward” 

8:11 – 8:18

“Failure, feedback, greater levels of success” – Kelly

“A problem arising can be the creative catalyst in your business and you life that you never would have done before” – Kelly 

“Take action every single day to cultivate an abundance mindset” – Kelly 

“We are upgrading and upleveling everything” – Kelly 

“The degree to which you clear the toxins in your life, the degree to which you’re’ going to have the mental and physical capacity to lead through that is ahead of us.” – Kelly 

“How you move ends up being how you feel” 

“ Don’t try to create a glass house when you’re living in a three ring circus. It’s ok to be honest  that you live in a three ring circus. People will accept that, people will love you even more for that” 

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