This week, Kelly interviews Brienne Hennessy of Your Vocal Vitality. Kelly starts the show by opening up about her previous vocal issues, and how it’s affected her life and business goals. Brienne introduces herself and goes into detail about her work. Kelly and Brienne talk about the ways the working world has changed over the years, and why a healthy voice is a must for entrepreneurs in 2021. Brienne defines what it means to be a vocal athlete, and talks with Kelly about what warning signs to be aware of when it comes to vocal damage. Brienne then talks about the holistic realm of vocal treatment, lifestyle and self care. Kelly asks Brienne to give some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to maintaining vocal health. The show closes with Kelly asking Brienne about her work as it pertains specifically to entrepreneurs. 

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Episode Notes

There’s been a huge evolution in the way that we work – Kelly 

Some people with stress get stomach ulcers, other people get voice changes – Bienne

What can deplete? Too much, too loud, too often. – Brienne 

It’s a myth that eight glasses a day is going to keep your voice healthy – Brienne 

Your voice is an asset, your voice is a barometer, love your voice, love yourself – Brienne. 

23:09 – 23:18

What is the voice that feels the most comfortable to you, and share that with the world – Brienne

Your voices is your mechanism to connect with the world, it’s sacred – Kelly

Every individual voice matters – Brienne 

You and your voice are worthy – Brienne
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