This week, Kelly talks through the stages of hyper business growth. She begins the episode by discussing the importance of focus as a CEO when it comes to scaling your business. Kelly describes how and why the CEO must adapt to each stage in order to continue being successful. She spends the duration of the episode breaking each stage down in detail, starting at zero and talking through important areas of focus on the path to nine figures.

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Episode Note

Your focus as an entrepreneur continues to layer and build as you go – Kelly 

You’re going from hiring help to cultivating ownership – Kelly 

“Seven figures is all about people” – Kelly 

Your primary job as a CEO once you get to the seven figure mark is people – Kelly 

The systems you created at high six figures to go into seven are going to break – Kelly 

As you scale, you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel – Kelly 

It takes 2-5 years in most instances to get people ready to lead at a high level – Kelly 

If you can’t keep the span of control small enough, then the infrastructure will crumble and the inefficiency comes in. – Kelly 

Intrapreneurs are business owners within the business – Kelly 

“People think that if you just learn to generate clients and you just learn to grow revenue then you have a business, and that is simply not true, That is the beginning stage”  – Kelly 

27:36 – 27:48

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