This week, Kelly brings UE’s Marketing Director Danielle Cevallos on the show to announce the initiation of UE’s newest phenomenon, The Society. The Society is a free opportunity to be part of an exclusive text community. Danielle explains what The Society is and why it was created. Danielle advises anyone who wants to join the community to text the word “Society” to 610-426-1344. Finally, Kelly and Danielle discuss some of the exclusive perks to joining the free community.

Join the Tribe of Unstoppables:




Join our text community for exclusive content and special deals! Text SOCIETY to 610-426-1344

Episode Note

3:03 – 3:18

We are going to be doing all kinds of fun stuff that won’t anywhere else – Danielle 

We are going to have special VIP events that no one else has access too unless you are in the Society – Danielle 

It’s important to know that things are going to be moving from email to text – Kelly

I promise we’re not going to blow up your phone and send you 80 million texts. We’re going to send you things that are valuable, fun, and exclusive. – Danielle 

I want my favorite best fans and customers to be a part of this community – Kelly

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