This week Kelly interviews Pocket Sun, co-founder of SoGal. SoGal works to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship by providing grants for minority women, and giving them the startup funds to start growing their businesses. Kelly opens the show by talking about the UE’s one to one giving model in collaboration with the Human Family Foundation. She then gives Pocket the opportunity to elaborate on SoGal’s mission, work, and goals. Kelly asks Pocket about the driving force behind Pocket starting her journey with the organization. Pocket and Kelly then discuss what it takes to change industry norms. Kelly asks Pocket about the mission when it comes to changing how people think of investment opportunities. Pocket talks about societal pressures that discourage women from investing and building wealth. Finally, Kelly asks Pocket what people can do to learn more about the type of work they are doing.

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Episode Notes

“Solve the problem that you have for yourself, and in the meantime you can probably help others who have the same issue.” – Pocket

“People always see organizations operating at a high level and doing really awesome things in the world and they don’t realize everything that people went through to get to that space” – Kelly 

We realized that we were trying to solve an need, and it’s not really about us, it’s really about all these women entrepreneurs that we saw huge potential in but they are getting ignored and even disrespected by most VC’s, and we just felt really driven by the thought that we have to change it for them. – Pocket

8:45 – 9:05

“It was almost unthinkable because the industry did not look like us” – Pocket

“If it’s not us then someone else should do it, so why not give it a shot” – Pocket

“We are really believers in learning it while doing it” Pocket

“We are really lucky in finding that tribe who really believe in the mission and jumped in on the boat when no one really believed in us” – Pocket

“It’s a long process of trying to keep getting our name and our story out there and keep proving that we’re doing what we say we’re going to do.” – Pocket

“I think women are usually trapped in a money black hole because women are less supportered to receive education, and women are definitely the target of consumerism.” – Pocket

“Women are in less paid industries because women are not encouraged to get into Stem careers.” – Pocket 

“Even if women are doing the same job as men, women are making less.” – Pocket 

“Your money is a flow of energy, where you’re money goes to really really matters” – Pocket 

15:04 – 15:11

“Every penny I spend I want to give it to women, and when I invest, I want my money to go to women entrepreneurs” – Pocket 

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