This week, Kelly interviews Ryann Dowdy, master coach at the UE and CEO of Uncensored Consulting. In her 15 year sales career, Ryann worked her way up from sales rep, to director of sales, to successful CEO of her own company. Kelly and Ryann discuss the gap business owners experience in sales training, and introduce the UE’s new Social Sellers Academy. They talk about the reasons why entrepreneurs don’t want to be salespeople forever, and Ryann breaks down the structure of the Social Sellers Academy. Kelly cautions business owners on what will happen if they fail to cultivate leads, and Ryann explains why a business owner’s personal sales strategy doesn’t always translate to the people they hire. Ryann also details the three types of people who can benefit most from the Social Sellers Academy. To wrap things up, Kelly and Ryann discuss the upcoming Social Sellers workshop on January 4th and how you can get involved. 

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Episode Notes

“There comes a point where you want your money to make money for you” – Kelly 

“Buy back your time with the social sellers academy” – Kelly 

“We can not learn sales by just studying” – Ryan

“Sometimes when we’re so close to something, it’s hard to see how far you’ve come” – Ryan

“We’re really going to help you benchmark success so at the end of the six month program you have that blueprint for what your social sellers should be doing” – Ryan Around 6:25 – 6:34

“The business owner is so damn busy, they don’t have the time to be the sales manager, the sales person, running the sales system, executing the sales metrics, closing the sales, and then running the company on top of that.” – Kelly 

“Selling is about relationships” – Ryan

“One of the core components of building a successful business is that you can not be the primary salesperson.” – Kelly 

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