This week, Kelly interviews Ali Brown, Founder + CEO of the women’s business empowerment company We Lead and The Trust, a new premier global network for seven and eight-figure women entrepreneurs. Kelly begins by asking Ali about her background and the ideas and process behind creating The Trust. Kelly and Ali dive into the importance of recognizing underserved markets and the opportunity to build wealth in niches. Kelly asks Ali what high level activities and speakers she’s planning for The Trust in 2021. They discuss the fragility of online platforms and how business owners can adapt to change, and also compare human centric business to digitization and automation. Kelly and Ali round out the episode with their predictions for what business and life will look like in 2021. 

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Episode Notes

“What’s made your work so impactful and successful is because you know high touch” – Ali  

“A lot of entrepreneurs get stuck nitching down because they try to do it before they’ve ever worked with anyone” – Kelly 

“Be aware of what’s going on, but your focus has to be on what you want to create, the people you want to impact, and ladies, it’s just time.” -Ali

“You can’t be taken back and forth by the tide anymore” – Kelly

(longer version) 15:09 – 15:26

“Now we are built for all seasons” – Ali

“When your back is up against the wall, it’s amazing what can be done in 48 hours” – Kelly 

“There’s always a silver lining” – Kelly 

“Everything we use in business today will go away” – Kelly

“Let’s all remember, we did business before the internet” – Kelly 

“It’s going to be an incredible renaissance coming” – Ali

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