This week on the podcast, Kelly talks about the combination of being resourceful and how to achieve what you set your mind to. She discusses what’s wrong with the idea of new year’s resolutions, and the mistakes business owners tend make in setting goals that actually lead to self sabotage. 

Kelly parallels professional athletes to the business world and talks about what “drills” business owners can do each day in order to see results. She references Warren Buffet’s philosophy on goal setting and cautions entrepreneurs against seeking instant gratification.

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Episode Notes:

“I hate new years resolutions” 

“You have to breakdown goal, milestones, behavior”

3:13 – 3:20 

“Breaking it down into milestones is how you know you’re on track”

“The most important thing that people that accomplish big goals know is that the accomplishment of radical change comes down to between two and five behaviors that are executed with precision and excellence over and over again.”

“The best athletes in the world run very simple basic drills over and over again”

“Most people set far too many goals, so none of them get achieved” 

“When it comes to massive goal accomplishment, identify a simple set of goals that will drive the result that you want” 

Write down ten goals, identify three that are most important to you, warrant buffett 

Write down ten, focus on three 

“Distraction and getting bored is one of the number one reasons people don’t accomplish anything”

Execute out live launch cycles, without distractions, stick to the plan

Hiring classes

“Every time you change your goals, you start over. All the progress you made is thrown out the window.”

“So much of what you are doing is underneath the surface, and it’s working.”

“Don’t look for instant gratification”

“You need to not measure yourself against the you ten years from now”

“Base hits will change your life”

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