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UES 552: 4 Types Of Sales To Keep The Dollars Flowing In Your Business Each Day

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who believes in launching more than I do. I created a launch strategy and wrote a book about it…I believe in launches. 




I also believe in real business. 


And in real business, you want sales happening every day, even when you aren’t launching. 


Today on the podcast, I am sharing the 4 Types Of Sales to Strive For In Your Business Each Day For Healthy Sustainable Business Growth, because even when you are running 7-figure launches consistently – you need to have your other sales systems dialed in!




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UES 538: The Gap No One Is Filling That Will Make You MILLIONS

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and look for the gaps. 


And you’ll make millions!


In every industry, there’s a huge gap that no one is filling, but if you did, people would be handing their cash over in droves. 


The art to creating your offer and packaging your program is found where your expertise and the gap intersect. 


On today’s episode of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show, I am talking all about how to sell to the gap to make your next million!


Listen in here! 





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USR 524: Standing For Something Is Everything

Imagine this…


You’re scrolling Facebook when you see an ad for the course of all courses. 


It’s from a competitor promising that in just 30 days your ideal client will have the most massive life transformation that will make them rich, happy, and in the best shape of their life…all for the low cost of $997. 


This “proven” 3-step strategy is going to be “the trick” to getting everything they’ve ever wanted out of life. It’s a slick offer that seems so perfectly worded, with a high energy video of someone bouncing around as they speak…you just KNOW your people are going to buy. 


But YOU know better! 


You know that what they’re selling won’t work. 


In fact, you’ve had clients go through it, get zero results, feel awful, then come to you. 


You can’t roll your eyes hard enough, while at the same time wondering if you should be doing something similar. 


You know that if you just sold the way this person was selling, you could make a ton of money!


I mean, if you can’t beat em’ join em’, right?




And today on the podcast, I’m going to tell you why, and what to do instead. 


This episode embodies what so many of us feel in the online world, but struggle to know how to navigate. 


So, if the above has happened to you…

If you’re worried about standing out….

If you’re tired of the noise….Listen to this episode

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USR 519: Spiritual Selling For Multi Million Dollar Success

Become a category of ONE. 


What we know for sure is when you step into a leadership position in your market, you become a category of one. Convictions without tactics will blend you into the sea of everyone that says they do what you do. You want to stand out in your market, and in order to do so, you need to go deeper with people and connect on a deeper level. 


That is why today I want to spend some time talking about Spiritual Selling. If you know me or have followed me for a while, you know we coin our own phrases, and this one is something like that. 


A client asked me last week what I do to prepare for open cart for our Live Launch (we have one starting TODAY, so make sure you are registered). This is where spiritual selling comes into place. You need to anchor in on spiritual-based selling instead of selling people into a program that they don’t want. 


It’s all about perfectly combining tactical, strategic, and spiritual selling, so you get the best results with the work you are putting into it. In this episode, I’m going to be walking you through what social selling is, how you can use it for your next Live Launch, and how this fits into your overall brand as a business. 


It’s a can’t miss an episode, and make sure you subscribe to the show, so you don’t miss an episode this year 🙂 



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USR 512: Add A 7 Figure Income Stream With Social Selling In 2020

The final countdown is on! 


It’s hustle time right now as the final weeks of 2019 countdown, and we make this year a breakout year for our business. Even though we are pushing to make this a standout year, we need to be thinking about how we can scale our businesses using social media. 


The trend in social media continues to grow, that every business owner needs to be taking advantage of it. Social selling is going to become ESSENTIAL if you want to take your business to the next level. So in this episode, I’m breaking down four ways to use social selling to grow your business. 


If you are dedicated to making selling on social a strategy for the new year, then you need to head over the Tribe of Unstoppables Facebook group and join me on December 3rd at 1 PM EST for a free workshop on how to add seven figures to your income using social selling. 


This workshop is going to breakdown the key strategies you need to have in place to scale up using social media in 2020. This training will make sure you are bringing sales every week with social media. Make sure you head over to the Tribe of Unstoppables to join! 



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USR 506: Stop Attracting Broke People

Are you attracting broke people?


So many people in my community and programs ask me how come they keep attracting people with no money. Everyone wants to attract lucrative prospects and better quality leads, but what is the secret to getting them to interact with us and be in our community?


In this episode, I’m breaking down three things you need to look for in your content, marketing, sales, and promotions that will attract your ideal clients. Use this episode as a self-audit. See what you are doing in all areas and what you can do differently in your business. 


I’m always telling my husband how lucky I am that I get to work with such amazing people as clients and the people on my team, but it was very intentionally cultivated. I intentionally put out content and position my business in a way that is attracting those type of people. I intentionally repeal the energy of people who are looking for a quick fix and look for those who are looking for a mentor and know that success comes from hard work and focus. 


Like energy attracts like energy and the feeling and energy you are putting out there is going to be conveyed, but those who match and relate to that same energy! I want to keep this conversation going. Head over to the Tribe of Unstoppables, check out the podcast post and comment on what you are going to do differently to attract your ideal buyer.



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USR 490: 5 Ways To Integrate Text Message Marketing Into Your 2020 Growth Plan

Let’s talk about email marketing.


Since the beginning of internet marketing, building your email list has been the number one growth strategy. Anyone who is anyone told you that you have to get as many people on your list as possible. However, the only problem is that email open rates are a rapid decline. People are less and less interested in hearing from you or anyone via email.


I’m not saying by any means saying you should stop using email marketing or stop growing your list. You should still be using email as a touchpoint; however, I want to make sure you have an insurance policy on how you are approaching your market. 




In today’s episode, I’m breaking down five strategies you can use to integrate text messages into your current marketing strategy so you can see growth in 2020. Each of these strategies are easy ways to get your community excited, share new offers, and get them into your community watching your weekly LIVES. 


I’m breaking down how my team is using text message marketing and how you can integrate it into your 2020 growth plan right here! Hope into the Tribe of Unstoppables and continue the conversation! 



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USR 489: Mastering Sales and Overcoming Failure with Mike Dillard

It takes 1000 hours to master something. 


Mastering a skill or trade does not happen overnight. It takes time and hours of practice. However, it’s important to remember not to force something you aren’t passionate or good at doing. You have to know how you are wired. If you are an introvert, then you will probably never love public speaking. 


In today’s episode, we are talking CEO, Top Podcast Host, and Serial Entrepreneur Mike Dillard. Mike is breaking down how he started from the bottom and worked his way to the top. As being someone who was not good at sales and an introvert, he found other avenues to make money and close sales. 


Mike shares how important it is to align yourself with success, and that includes learning how you are wired, aligning with that and building your business through that. He is sharing more of his strategies for closing sales, the turning point in his career, and the importance of failure and how you can overcome it. 


If you are interested in learning more about Mike, what classes he is offering or his podcast head over to and check out more! 



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USR 486: Monetize And Grow Your Own Podcast

We have something special up our sleeves! 


This week we are hosting a podcast mini-course for FREE! We asked our community if they were interested in learning how to monetize, grow, and launch a profitable podcast, and the response was overwhelming! 


You answered that you wanted to know how we grew Unstoppable Success Radio to the top 100 and how to make podcasting a stream of income for your business. So what we are doing is hosting a free mini-course. You will get a series of videos sent directly to your phone via text message. Each day you will get a short video from me on how to launch, grow, and scale your podcast. 


This course is going to cover strategy to monetizing your show, getting reviews so you can move up in the ranking, how to grow your show consistently. If you want to make podcasting a new stream of income in your business, this course is for you! Head over to to get signed up!